Target shooting with air rifles, generally on indoor ranges, is one of the most popular forms of shooting in the UK.

Typically, ranges are about 10 metres in length and can feature a variety of different targets, from animal shapes to the more traditional circular targets.

Air rifle shooting is also a highly competitive sport and features strongly in Olympic  shooting disciplines.


To make a booking, simply choose how long you want to take part, how many people are coming (minimum 2, maximum 3) and when you would like to come.

The system will then offer you a selection of time slots that are available. Depending on how many in your party, you may be offered slots that already have other participants booked and if you book a slot for less than 3 participants, others may join at a later date. Then complete your details, make your payment and look forwards to your Air Rifle Experience at Land warrior Core. A confirmation email of your booking will be sent to the email address you provide.